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The Q & A
  • Why is a six month Bordetella required if my vet says it's good for a year?
  -Dog Dreams Inn is a high contact facility. Dogs share water bowls, toys, and play closely together twenty-four hours a day. Bordetella (Kennel Cough) is highly contagious and the vaccine tends to lose efficacy around six months. This is an additional measure we take to protect your dog.
  • Why do all dogs have to be spayed or neutered?
  -We require this because dogs can tell if another dog is still "in-tact" and it can cause aggression, sudden behavioral changes, and possessiveness, to name a few things. We strive to keep our facility peaceful. We also agree with the local rescue groups' and the Humane Society's philosophy to spay and neuter so that all pets have a chance at a loving home.
  • What kind of training does the staff have?
  -All of us have a life long love affair with dogs. We have a veterinary technician-in-training amongst us, and have worked under a knowledgeable veterinary technician for several years. The staff works with local dog trainers and dog specialists to learn everything they can about dog behavior. We have also done online training courses as a group.
  • What if my dog has allergies or medications?
  -We will administer any and all meds your dog may require while staying with us to your specifications. If your dog has specific dietary needs, you provide the food and we ensure that your dog gets it. We separate the dogs when feeding so that they are certain to get THEIR FOOD ONLY. Also that way we don't have any incidents with a dog being food-possessive.
  • What if my dog has special needs?
  -We can accommodate dogs with special needs PROVIDED that they will be comfortable in this environment. We have worked with a blind Pug, a deaf Black Lab, and two different visitors that were rear-end- paralysed Daschunds. In each case, the dog was well adjusted and extremely social with other dogs. We cannot take dogs that require hospital care.
  • Why can't I bring my dog's favorite toys or bedding?
  -We have bedding, toys, and stainless steel dishes here at the facility that we provide for each dog. Having a neutral environment helps to discourage dogs from being possessive over belongings, so by providing more generic things for them to use they are less likely to have an issue with defending property. Also,outside bedding and blankets can carry fleas or flea eggs into the building. This would close us down, so we do everything in our power to prevent any sort of flea outbreak. This also protects all dogs in our care.
  • Why do I have to do a phone screening and ALL that paperwork?
  -We rarely get to meet dogs ahead of time so we use the phone screening to find out if we are the correct facility for your dog's specific care needs. It is a preliminary step in the process. The pre-screening has a checklist of items that could be "red flags" to us that your dog may not be comfortable here. Our goal is for the dogs to have fun in a safe, comfortable environment.
  • What do you do while the dogs are sleeping at night?
  -We do report cards, print photos, file paperwork, enter new information into the computer, follow up with emails, anything we can work on at the desk, so that the dogs can get at least 4-5 good hours of sleep. Then we CLEAN!! We sterilize the entire facility from top to bottom daily - mostly at night but each shift has tasks and cleaning to perform.
  • Why aren't dogs allowed in the rooms at the resort?
  -It is Grand Traverse Resort & Spa's policy that dogs are not allowed in rooms, condos, or other rental units. Luckily for dog lovers, we are available. 
  • Why is a flea preventative required year round?
  - We board dogs from around the country and there is also an abundance of wildlife in our immediate area. Therefore, to protect everyone, we require each dog be on a flea-preventative. We would hate to send anyone home with "unwanted guests." And, a flea outbreak would close our facility.

  • Where do the dogs sleep?
  - At night, we place bedding out for the dogs and let them choose where they feel comfortable to sleep. We have all sorts of bedding: stuffed bedding, fleece bedding, fleece blankets, and all of the furniture is open for use. We wash and disinfect all bedding regularly to ensure there is nothing that can be transferred to the other dogs. Normally, the dogs tend to sleep near whomever is working that night. 
  • Why can't I walk through the facility?
  -Liability concerns and your safety are the main reason we do not allow you to walk through the facility when we have dogs. All of our playrooms are set up exactly like the one directly off the lobby/office area (behind the glass).  
The dogs in our care do not know you, they haven't met you, We work with them from the moment they arrive, so they are at least "comfortable" with us. It can also be stressful for the dogs to have strangers coming in and out of their space. This rule is in place for the safety of both you and the dogs in our care. 
  • Why do dogs have to be over six months old?
  -This is a requirement for several reasons. Dog behavior changes at the six month stage as they are shifting from puppyhood to adulthood. At DDI, we require all dogs to be spayed/neutered, have all current required vaccinations, be potty trained, and have the ability to behave appropriately in an adult dog environment. Some of these requirements may not be met until your dog reaches or exceeds six months of age. 
  • How many dogs do you take at a time?
  -That number can vary depending on how many of our regular guests are here and how many are first time visitors. Typically, we try to stay between 15-20 dogs as a maximum. If we have more first timers than usual, that number could be lower as we would not be familiar with these dogs and their habits. 
  • Do you disallow certain breeds?
  -No. We do a thorough screening of all dogs ahead of time and we only accept friendly, well-socialized dogs. We do not discriminate by breed. We judge a dog solely on temperament. If a dog goes through the screening process and shows aggressive or dominant behavior while here, the owners will be contacted and asked to make other arrangements for their dog. The dogs' safety here is our main concern. This goes for ALL dogs.
  • Why do you let all sizes of dogs play together?
  -We keep all of the dogs together because dogs naturally develop a hierarchy among themselves in a pack environment. They will establish a dominant dog and the rest of the pack will follow suit. Also, we are generally staffed one person at a time. To separate dogs, we would be unable to watch one group of dogs while tending to another. Keeping the group as a whole, we can dedicate our attention to the entire group.
  • What happens if I need to leave for an unforeseen reason and it's the middle of the night?
  -At Dog Dreams you have 24 hour access to your dog. If you are able to give us a "heads up," we can even have your dog packed and his/her belongings ready to go as soon as you arrive.